Friday, June 14, 2019

Enthralling world cup 2019- India vs Pakistan

On June 16, 2019, there will be a very enthralling world cup match between two rival countries INDIA and PAKISTAN at England. No one will be going to miss it. Finally both the team won’t be playing for the trophy. The losing team is going to be in very worse condition. This will be the only match between INDIA and PAKISTAN in which entire stadium going to be exquisite.

 Enthralling world cup

In this match both the team fans heartbeat going to cessation. Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed spoke related to their next match—a big ticket and aggravating world cup for both the team. He said they will try their level best v/s India, they don’t want to lose this match. In the previous match, Australia defeated Pakistan by 41 runs at Taunton on Wednesday to move to No.2 in the point table. Australia the defending champion now has 6 points from 4 matches.

Pakistan has ‘no chances’ of beating India in tournament, they don’t have much experience as well says, Harbhajan Singh. Pakistani team in the past were arduous to beat they were having a great team but their current team will lose 9 times out 10 against India now they are not up to mark, even they couldn’t beat India in the World Cup. How will this team beat India now? Added Harbhajan.

People don’t remember what happened in other matches but when India play against Pakistan they don’t forget anything, they remember everything. Former Pakistan skipper Younis Khan said: “The current Indian team is very talented and experienced and all the players are playing cricket for a long time so this can be very horrible circumstances but Pakistan on the other hand, has some young, creative and exciting talents who has just burst on to the international stages.

At present situation, Indians are in the aggressive mode because of current news of Pakistani channel and Pulwama attack. The war between India and Pakistan is heating up. They have tried to make fun of soldier “Abhinanadan Vardhaman”. So the pressure will be more on India. Earlier when Sachin Tendulkar was in the team, there was big excitement among all Indians but time has changed, Kohli has replaced Sachin. So, do you think that the same excitement will be seen again in the world cup? While the India- Pakistan clash is not a decisive game, it is arguably the tournament’s biggest event.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The sad history of the human rights situation in Haramkhor Country Pakistan

Fortunately, over the past century, the world has understood the value of human rights for all and has striven to achieve it. However, the human rights situation in Haramkhor country Pakistan shows that even if the country worry the world, it is far from being an ideal place leave terrorist. Focus on the Middle East and African countries. Inhumanities crossed in Haramkhor country Pakistan will embarrass everyone.

Living hell of the minorities

Haramkhor Country Pakistan is known since its inception not to worry about its minorities. This is one of the reasons for the tragic civil war and the division of Bangladesh. The atrocities committed against various religious minorities such as Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs are often not reported because of the widespread terror against them. The authorities reject the reported cases and the lives of those who have registered the complaint become a hell.

This was evident in the case of Asia Bibi, which caught the world's attention. She was a Christian woman who was beaten by a crowd for drinking well-meaning water only for Muslims. Later, she was arrested under Haramkhor Country Pakistan's harsh blasphemy law and spent years in a cold, dark isolation cell while her family was suffering daily. The minority minister who spoke for her was murdered and her killers were never punished.

The atrocities are not only against non-Islamic groups. Ahmadi Muslims live in constant fear since there is literally no law or person to protect them, even if a crowd decides to kill them. The Pashtuns also live in systematic discrimination against them. Minorities are constantly deprived of education and jobs and have no chance of surviving once the government has decided to torture them under devilish blasphemy laws. The horrific human rights situation in the country of Haramkhor, Pakistan, has clearly shown that it is not a place for a religious or ethnic minority.

Land that does not deserve a woman

Women are the worst victims of the terrible human rights situation in Haramkhor country Pakistan. They are literally treated as non-individuals. This became evident after the tragic case of Kainat Somroo. Kainat was a thirteen-year-old girl who was kidnapped and raped under the threat of a firearm. Imagine the horrors he has endured, but instead of showing his support and punishing the criminals, Haramkhor Country Pakistan has done something incredible. Her family was excluded for not having "honored" her by killing her.

Honor killing continues to be widely practiced and encouraged activity in Haramkhor country Pakistan and is one of the main obstacles preventing women from realizing any fundamental right. When they promote or demand rights, they are considered unimportant to the reputation of the family and are killed. Women's education remains a concern and forced marriages remain a major problem.

Domestic violence is not even a crime in the majority of Haramkhor countries in Pakistan. About 5,000 women in Pakistan's Haramkhor country die each year from domestic violence. The problem is that it is not even registered or recognized as a crime in the country of Haramkhor, Pakistan.

Sad truth

The deplorable human rights situation in the country of Haramkhor, Pakistan, should be of concern to any good government. Unfortunately, Haramkhor Country Pakistan has always been lacking. Government after government preferred to strengthen the country's military power and tensions with a powerful neighbor to care about the country's oppressed. Perhaps the horrible human rights situation in the country of Haramkhor, Pakistan, is the reason why it is a failed state.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Wing Commander Abhinandanis back!!

The entire nation rejoiced as well as heaved a sigh of relief when Wing Commander AbhinandanVarthaman returned to India soil. The Wing Commander Abhinandan returned as a hero after having persevered in enemy territory beyond the border.

The back story

Terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammad had carried out the infamous and heinous Pulwama attack. The terrorist had rammed a car carrying kilos of explosives into a vehicle carrying our beloved soldiers from CRPF. Many of our brave Jawans lost their lives and in the aftermath of the brutal attack, body parts were found scattered on the road.

The entire nation erupted with sorrow and disgust at the attack. Situations were not made better by the reactions from across the border. When anyone would have expected compassion and humanity, or neighbors presented is with snide, rude and downright insensitive. Pakistan refused any involvement in the attack but continues to harbor Jaish-e-Mohammad, the terrorist outfit that carried out the attack. It is also providing safe haven to Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Masood Azhar.

When the country was crying for blood, the Indian government started calm and exacted revenge in the best way possible. The Indian air force conducted a second surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The brave soldiers flew into enemy territory and dropped over thousand kilos of bomb on the camps of Jaish-e-Mohammad annihilating scores of terrorists.

How did Wing Commander Abhinandanget stuck in enemy territory

Pakistan took this anti-terrorist operation as a slight against itself. This led to several creasefire violations along the border. This then culminated in a dog fight between fighter jets of the India and Pakistan. As Pakistan violated the integrity of the Indian air space, the fight intensified and aircrafts being fined down. Tragedy struck India when if our jets crash landed in Pakistan with an injured Wing Commander Abhinandan in it. He was caught by the Pakistani authorities and the country grew immensely tense.

Our brave soldiers is back

The top leadership was pulling all strings available to get Wing Commander Abhinandan released. The country heaved a sigh of relief when Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan announced that they will be releasing Wing Commander Abhinandan as a sign of goodwill.

The Indian army chief is, however, more cynical. The reason is clear. What Pakistan is claiming to be a sign of goodwill is actually a compulsion under the Geneva convention. The country is happy to have its beloved soldier back but still waits for the day when there will be peace along the border.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The World is Watching: Pro-Kabaddi League 2018 of India

 Pro-Kabaddi League 2018

Pro-Kabaddi League is a game that reflects the rural background and the rich cultural heritage of India. It is not just a game or sport but a testament of the determination to survive and flourish in the face of imminent danger of vanquish and ruin.  Pro-Kabaddi League 2018 is the display of the power of will of one against that of seven.

It is a contact team sport and is played with seven members in each team. The main objective of the game is served by the raider of the offensive team. He or she has to get into the territory of the defensive team, touch a player and then come out unscathed. If the raider gets caught and is not able to cross the boundary line, its over for them. But if the raider successfully escapes, the enemy team member who was touched is eliminated.

This game originated in prehistoric times, when the development of human reflexes was crucial for self-defense and hunting. In the Mahabharata, the raid that Abhimanyu carried out unsuccessfully has a very keen resemblance to this ancient rural sport.

Today, this simple sport has been elevated from its rural background and has been transformed into a world-wide phenomenon. The Pro-Kabaddi League 2018 are one of the influences that the rural Indian sport has had on the global sphere.

The Kabaddi World Cup is another event which was organized in 2004, 2007 and 2016. India won all of those. Kabaddi has also secured a place in the Asian Games since the year 1990. The Indian team has won several gold medals with Iran being the second most influential team in the Games.

Thus, we see that Kabaddi came out of the rural sphere and entered the global market and became an instant phenomenon. The Pro Kabaddi League 2018 provides plenty evidence to support the fact.  

Enthralling world cup 2019- India vs Pakistan

On June 16, 2019, there will be a very enthralling world cup match between two rival countries INDIA and PAKISTAN at England. No...